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Truth Time...

I have learned over the last 4 decades “truth” can be tricky. Paraphrasing from the book, “A Course In Miracles,” Truth with a capital “T” is something that cannot be divided, and when you are a witness to it there will be no decision to make. Drop the mic. At a deep level I know this is Truth.

For the remainder of this contemplation, I actually want us to ponder small “t” truth. If we did not, the above paragraph would be the end of this week’s post. What is small “t” truth? What we perceive. This is why truth can be tricky. Most of you probably already know that two people who are in the same room can witness the same event and have two different versions of said event. Most of you already know it is because all of us hold a unique perspective due to so many different things including, but of course not limited to upbringing, personality, DNA, life experiences, levels of awareness, state of being at the time, mood, hunger level, just to name a few. So, who is actually telling the “truth” when the stories come out so differently? And who gets to decide who is telling the “truth”?

I participated in jury selection earlier this week. When I had been called in the past, the cases have either been dismissed or I was immediately passed over. This time, their process seemed different, maybe it is different for every case, and I just didn’t realize. Regardless, it was different in that everyone was questioned before being dismissed and they were interviewing two different panels that day. I saw the defense attorney flinch when I answered the “what do you do for a living” question with “trauma therapist”, I knew in that moment I would not be selected. If there is a mental health therapist that has actually been selected for a case, I would be shocked. It was clear to me the defense attorney wished to have a panel of jurors who would resonate with a specific perspective of a specific “possible truth”. I am not knocking the defense attorney, he was doing his job. Anyhow, it got me thinking about the “truth” this week a bit more than usual.

So, what is small “t” truth? You have probably guessed it must be subjective, and unique to each person. Small “t” truth is your story. It is my story. Whatever you believe is the truth, until it’s not, or until it no longer serves you, until you change it. So, I don’t want to call it “truth” at all. I want to call it “story”. What’s your story? What did you see through your eyes? What did you experience in your body? What story did you tell yourself about yourself? What story did you tell yourself about the other person? What story did you tell yourself about that event or incident?

I was trained by Andrrea Hess’ program called Soul Realignment to read Divine Soul Blueprints. Some of the following information has been adapted from her program. Our Souls have a Blueprint. Unless, it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, then this next bit of information doesn’t necessarily apply to you. Souls without a Divine Blueprint might be addressed at another time. Soul Blueprints tell us a bit about our Souls origin. One of the “bits” it can tell us, is what our Primary Energy Center is and has been since origination, some Souls have a Primary and Secondary Center, this is nothing to envy, and nothing special. These Energy Centers appear to be linked to the main chakras of the body.

There are 8 Centers or combinations of these Centers to which could be a possibility in your Blueprint.

Divine Compassion (Root Chakra),

Divine Manifestation (Sacral Chakra)

Divine Order (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Divine Love (Heart Chakra)

Divine Communication (Throat Chakra)

Divine Truth (Third Eye Chakra)

Divine Power (Crown Chakra)

Divine Wisdom (Soul Star Chakra)

Obviously, we all have these chakras. Our Blueprints indicate which chakra(s) drives our experiences. We can certainly and most likely have “Gifts” floating around in these Energy Centers whether we are consciously aware of them or not. Awareness can be a double edged sword. If the ego becomes aware and attempts to take “control” with intentions that had nothing to do with the Soul Blueprint, things can go a little sideways. It seems each Energy Center also comes with its own set of challenges to overcome. This is where awareness can be helpful in realignment with your unique Soul Blueprint.

Why do I bring all of this up? You may have already guessed. My Divine Soul Blueprint indicates my Primary Energy Center is Divine Truth, my Secondary Energy Center is Divine Order. I REALLY noticed both of them becoming activated with this whole “jury selection” event earlier this week. “Activated” doesn’t necessarily mean “good” all of the time, I mentioned above that each come with their own set of challenges. When we are outside of awareness and the Energy Centers are blocked and/or out of balance these challenges can wreak havoc in your life. The driving force can actually be quite destructive in nature. When the Energy Centers are open and balanced our “Gifts” can flow naturally, really without much effort. What I noticed this week in the activation of my Energy Centers in Truth and Order was the Gifts coming online instead of the challenges. I am not bragging here; it has been a long road and could always get bumpy again. It was more a victory that I noticed I noticed.

When we go back to our main topic of “truth”, we must remember small “t” truth is subjective. One of my biggest challenges over the last 4 decades has been to remember this and understand at a core level that your story is your small “t” truth, both figuratively and literally. You are also able to change your story or your truth at any time you choose. AND, no matter how much you change your story over this lifetime, know you cannot impact or change Capital “T” Truth ~ Divine Source ~ from where we originate, where we never left, yet to where we will return.

Why was this a challenge? At my core I know I am a person who has a shit ton of integrity…sometimes to a fault. When I was outside of awareness, blocked, unbalanced, I would witness what looked like others living in what I would judge as “not in integrity”, call them on it and they wouldn’t like that so much! This would cause even more chaos blowing my Secondary Energy Center out of balance or maybe it started in the Secondary Energy Center and the chaos is what caused my Primary to become disrupted pushing self-righteousness out of my mouth? Chicken or the egg? Doesn’t matter. In order for any of the Energy Centers to be functioning efficiently and effectively, ALL 8 of them must be open and balanced.

My story, my “truth” was a shit show because my energy was a shit show. Everything always circles back to you. Accountability for yourself and your state of being is key. There was a title I had run across this week that read: “#1 Mistake Writers Can Make: Creating the Story Before the Main Character”. I didn’t read the article, as I was just passing by, but I am reminded of it now. Our Divine Soul Blueprints trigger the opening of a “remembering”. A remembering of who our Main Character is in this story we have written.

I will now go over some Energy Center Woes ~ Challenges

“Out of character” Divine Compassion Souls might experience: purposelessness, isolation, not feeling accepted, included, or valued, working harder for acceptance instead of just walking away, being in a state of “sacrifice”, focusing on others to feel valued, stealing other people’s lessons, rescuing, enabling, ignoring self-care including health and finances, self-depletion, “lack” mentality.

***Get “back into character” by addressing or eliminating situations where you feel left out, isolated, or abandoned, move back into balance with “Self”, share only from a place of abundance, find, maintain, and serve only in relationships, groups, or communities where your value is seen and returned.

“Out of character” Divine Manifestation Souls might experience: disconnection or dissociation from the physical body, excessive or destructive focus on the physical and emotional body, chasing the next “high”, stuck on the intensity of their emotions, stop creating, self-pity, addiction to extreme physical sensations such as exercising, disordered eating, substance abuse, sexual addictions, adrenaline seeking activities.

***Get “back into character” by finding constructive healthy ways to release negative emotions out of the body.

“Out of character” Divine Order Souls might experience: “people-pleasing” behaviors to keep the “peace”, get stuck in perfectionism, try to manage and organize everyone and the environment around them, compromise themselves, accommodate others at cost to themselves, their focus on others leaving no energy left for their own experiences, try to prevent the “drama” of “failure” by creating the “perfect plan” in lieu of actually doing much of anything, when the “perfect plan” fails as it always will - they become flooded with disappointment, hyper-critical of themselves, they give up then are off to create the next perfect plan, can become hyper-focused on appearance due to fear of embarrassment, paralyzed into inaction.

***Get “back into character” by addressing or eliminating dramatic situations and relationships.

“Out of character” Divine Love Souls might experience: becoming a “doormat”, martyrdom, gives without ever receiving, depleted due to lack of support, tendency to operate in helplessness, wants others to handle aspects of life FOR them ultimately disempowering themselves creating more helplessness, victim mentality.

*** Get “back into character” by addressing or eliminating situations where you feel like you are “going it alone”, be more conditional with others, learn how to say “no”, be discerning about giving and receiving.

“Out of character” Divine Communication Souls might experience: communication falling on deaf ears, inauthenticity, communicating what they think others want to hear, plagiarism, always a student but never actually DO anything with it, communicate with no one - shutting down, give unwanted or inappropriate advice, constant talking without regard for who is listening or if they want to listen, talk just to talk.

*** Get “back into character” by finding an audience who is listening, learn, DO, then teach from personal experience to unlock abundance.

“Out of character” Divine Truth Souls might experience: speaking truth when it is unwelcome, blunt/direct communication gets them into “trouble”, stop sharing truth altogether becoming the “strong-silent type”, assume others do not care or cannot handle what they have to say, withdrawal into a visual way of communicating that speaks for itself, black and white way of looking at the world, rigid thinking, can become aggressive in expressing their opinions - losing “Truth” - insisting they are “right”.

*** Get “back into character” by addressing or eliminating situations and relationships in which the Truth isn’t present or wanted, learn to speak Truth in a way that others can actually hear it.

“Out of character” Divine Power Souls might experience: “doing” out of obligation or guilt, “have to” or “should”, take on responsibility of others just so they can control the situation, needing things “their way”, due to taking on more responsibility they create lack of independence, lack of freedom, lack of choice, resenting others, frustrated by how “slow” others are, becoming a recluse, exploring all the possibilities without actually moving forward in any of them, stuck in indecision, looking busy but just spinning their wheels, had/have a hard time being “children”.

*** Get “back into character” by addressing or eliminating situations and relationships that do not allow freedom of choice and/or are obligatory in nature, avoid taking on responsibilities that are not your own.

“Out of character” Divine Wisdom Souls might experience: intolerance to irrationality or complexity, impatient and fed up with people or environments that do not make sense to them, dislike participating in social conventions, becoming contempt, angry, intolerant of the world, believing that no one has any “common sense” and that people in general are “stupid”, withdraw, intellectual arrogance.

*** Get “back into character” by addressing or eliminating situations and relationships where reason, logic, and “common sense” isn’t present or valued, put yourself into situations, relationships, and environments that make sense to you.

Now, one could argue that we might have or had all of these woes or challenges at one time or another. Remember, we have all 8 Energy Centers. One of these 8 is Primary for you. Your Gifts and abundance lie behind these challenges. If you also have a Secondary this means you have 2 Centers that are competing for Primary that are truly neck and neck in the race.

Plot twists can be really exciting for your audience, especially if you are in charge of the script.

Divine Truth Souls, when in alignment with their Main Character, and in integrity with Capital “T” Truth, “see” potential, must be careful not to reward for potential, intuitive, are natural “lie detectors”, trusted due to their bluntness, speak up when others won’t as the truth and Truth can be uncomfortable at times, help others uncover and advocate for their unique Truth, share their Truth and their story to help empower others to do the same, and are Spiritual Warriors.

My Soul smiles and loves me lots of Divine Truth…yes, indeed.

If you are interested in a Divine Soul Blueprint reading to realign in Truth with your own Main Character in the story you are writing, you can book at

Happy Sunday!

Always with Love & Gratitude,


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