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Ahh, Easter...

Well folks, it is Easter, if I had a favorite holiday, it would be this one. The day of resurrection. It is scheduled at an apt time of the year. Spring. Eclipse Season. Time for everyone to resurrect after the season of death…yes, winter. What did all of you die to over the last 3 or 4 months? A person could argue that we actually experience a “death” when we fall asleep at night and resurrect every morning upon waking. There is something about the freshness of a clean slate that inspires one to create something brand new, why not approach every day as such?

The slow death of all of my “identities” seems to be a theme over the last 2 years give or take a few months. Death to several relationships. Death to hopes and wishes. Death of all my “genius” plans (at least the way I saw them manifesting) also a theme. Death to my ego…so many times…I swear it has more lives than a cat - jokes on the ego, as death of an ego is still an ego issue. Death of the past, my favorite one to see transition to the “other side”. I am excited to purge or let go of more things that no longer need to take up space in this short crazy life. This is no pity-party, and strangely, at least in this moment, I feel zero grief, zero regret, zero resentment, or any other negative thought or emotion that one might associate with loss of the above.

Frankly, everything before this moment seems like some weird dream. Maybe that is all it ever was. It doesn’t matter, the sun is out and it’s all long gone. Even though there seemingly isn’t any negativity or pessimism, I am not super positive or optimistic either ~ maybe that is part of the clean slate or resurrection, it just is ~ the rest is up to you and me, so what are we going to do with it?

My guides shared with me recently, “Both heaven and hell have always had your back”. This made me laugh out loud. Must be true. Still makes me laugh. I am not even sure I yet fully know what it means. I only know how it feels. Protected ~ Always. Loved. Sure. Clear. And for some reason ~ Really Funny. There is also a knowing the same is true for all of you. Both heaven and hell have your back. Know it, embody it, and go start some “good trouble” of your own…or “bad trouble” if you’d rather. Really Funny.

Why not just allow all the metaphorical deaths, resurrect your Self, and use your clean slate for new experiences? What could possibly go absolutely right or absolutely wrong when both heaven and hell have your back?

That is enough food for thought today! Enjoy the Easter holiday, whether it is with my right-hand man, Jesus, that silly Easter Bunny, your family and friends, or all by yourself. Check out those sweet ears below!

Always with Love & Gratitude,


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