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Qualifications & Certs

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • EMDRIA Certified Therapist

  • EMDRIA Approved Consultant

Sunday Morning Coffee Contemplations ~ Cheryl
UPDATED: Fun or Maybe Just Funny 
  • It isn’t possible for me to take myself too seriously…like, ever.  

  • Most of my communication is based on comedy…if it’s funny it’s more than likely truth.

  • Controlling my facial expressions at times, apparently is a problem for others…

  • I STILL do not like wearing shoes.

  • Favorite things...magic, laughing, dancing, music, long drives, hiking, a good campfire, books, coffee, plants, rocks, elements, oils, CBS Sunday Morning, documentaries, comedy!!, rom-coms, creating new things, cozy sweaters...Everything NATURE, especially the sun!!

  • I do NOT stress clean's weird, I know!

  • I am in love with TRUTH, FREEDOM, & AUTHENTICITY.

  • Balance is difficult for me…I tend to be all in or completely out…also balance…my dad used to call me Grace ;)

  • I do not hate anyone or anything.

  • I know deep within my being that the only “failure” in life is not showing up for whatever “it” is that you really wanted.  Period. 

  • I see potential…this intimidates some…maybe just those that do not want to see their own.  

  • There is a reason and a season for everything. Period.

  • I am no longer am able to feel any negative emotion for more than a few minutes…it’s weird, I know!  And I am not complaining!

  • I carry a deep knowing that EVERYTHING is exactly as it is meant to be…for now.  EVERYTHING is ok in this moment.

  • Also, a knowing that EVERY MOMENT MATTERS.

  • So…you can about guess how conversation with me will go…

  • Eventually all the cliches come true for you!

  • There is a new being emerging so this list will probably change again.  

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