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CHERYL . . .
      Therapist    Consultant    Healer   Teacher  Mentor   Warrior
              Mother    Friend    Sister      Daughter     Auntie                     Lover of : Self, Life, Nature, Plants, Rocks, Sun, Sky,  
                      Laughter, New Discoveries, Adventure, Travel,                                 TRUTH, Meditation, Intuition, and Inner Fire . . .
                                                                Just to name a few.

Passionate About Remaining Inspired

Inspiration provides me with mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy!  I have an inner drive to stay inspired.  This requires self discipline in not becoming too comfortable and never being satisfied with mundane or discomfort for long.  I am constantly looking for answers and explanations as to why things are the way they are and ways to make things "right".  Going against the norm seems to be in my nature, the "norm" is not who I am meant to be. 

My dedication to staying inspired bleeds into career.  As a therapist, and a REAL person, providing clients answers, guidance, support, and encouragement on their journey to finding the true self through healing is a priority for me.  When I found Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR Therapy) a new treatment modality in my practice I was forever changed, as were my clients.  EMDR Therapy keeps me inspired.  The answers are within all of us, however, they can be difficult to sense when all of our "yuck" is in the way.  Essentially, I am a "yuck" remover, and as the "yuck" is removed, all the you that is wonderfully you within is strengthened!  I love this's difficult to call it work.  Dare I call therapy fun?  I do!  Bearing witness to this type of natural healing everyday is an honor to say the least.  Warning! This is not your traditional "talk" therapy and may challenge your "norms"!  I tell clients that EMDR Therapy is probably one of the weirdest things they may experience, in my experience weird works!!  EMDR Therapy will never be boring, and that my friends, is why my daily life stays exciting and inspirational!  I invite you on a journey to discover YOUR truth!  


Certifications & Qualifications
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist

  • EMDRIA Approved Consultant

things to consider...

  • See FORMS page to apply.  

Fun or Maybe Just Funny "Facts"
  • I don't think it is possible for me to take myself too seriously.

  • Controlling my facial expressions at times, apparently is a problem for others...

  • I am an EMDR Therapy "nerd"...there really should be a sticker.

  • I REALLY like to learn!...yes, I am a training "nerd" motto should be "SIGN ME UP!"

  • My best teachers have been my kiddos, my sisters...and my exes!

  • Numbers, spelling, grammar, and technology have not been willing to become my friends!

  • I do not like wearing shoes.

  • Favorite things...magic, laughing, long drives, books, coffee, plants, rocks, crystals, elements, oils, CBS Sunday Morning, documentaries, crosswords, creating new things, cozy sweaters...Everything NATURE!!

  • Family board/card games and winning them are necessary for my survival!

  • I stress's weird, I know!

  • "Just Dance" is fun for adults too...just sayin...

  • I wonder if I would have made a good flower child?

  • I got 105% in my college astronomy best work ever..  I am in love with the universe!

  • You will hear me say often..."It's weird...but, Weird Works!"
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