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"On the recommendation of a true friend and having run out of book space for even 1 more self-help book, I anxiously (to put it mildly) entered the office of Cheryl Levadney, LCSW.  I felt like I had entered a calm and welcoming retreat from the world!  Cheryl's kind demeanor and professional explanation and direction put me at ease to plunge forward on my journey.  I told her my goal was for my brain to be aligned with my spirit and she totally understood what I meant!


As I became more and more involved with this life-changing process, long-time issues and memories of guilt, shame, anger, and unresolved grief began to surface.  Through the EMDR process and Cheryl's insightful direction, my life began to change as my brain began to process these memories in a way that began to make more and more sense as I went on.  I can honestly say that EMDR has changed my life by changing how my brain processes situations going on around me in a new way that keep me more focused and not an emotionally stumbling caricature of my true self!  I feel more focused, centered, and aware of the goodness and kindness within me which is indoctrinating itself into my day-to-day life with the most surprising results.


I would encourage anyone who feels stuck and knows in their gut that there is a better way and they are better than the life they are presently living to give EMDR and Cheryl a chance.  Ask yourself the question, "What do I have to lose?" and it will be clear that you have nothing to lose but the fear of trying and everything to lose as the emptiness and feeling of loneliness in your struggle continue on and on.  Like the Nike ad, just GO FOR IT and, believe me, you will be writing a testimonial before it's over!"



S. – Walking in the sunshine!

"My EMDR therapy experience with Cheryl surpassed my expectations  Her compassion and clinical skills helped me process through issues related to self esteem, relationships, trauma, and loss quicker than I'd anticipated.  I highly recommend engaging in therapy with Cheryl, she is warm, supportive and knowledgeable therapist."  ~ Anonymous

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