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Tired, Big Shifts, & Genres...

Well folks, I am back! Did you all miss me? Obviously, I took an unexpected week off. And I have no other excuse or explanation other than, I was and am tired. And, it is the kind of tired that coffee can't even cure.

Anyone else been tired this week? I blamed it on the full moon last weekend, now, I am not so sure.

Tired is like wearing a heavy denim blanket. I absolutely LOVE an awesomely ultra heavy denim blanket. I have included a picture of my 2 favorites; the one on the bottom my mother put together for me, thanks mom! It's too heavy to take anywhere or really use in the summer unless the AC is blasting but super awesome for grounding and sleeping in the winter months!

The only time a heavy denim blanket is terrible is when you can’t fight your way out from under it. The same goes for tired. It’s best to surrender and just rest. Rest until the energy returns, it always does.

Forcing yourself to do anything when you are tired results in a shit show, or at the very least, a sub-par performance. You are not really there, present, or fully engaged.

I know our culture really likes performance, has FOMO, needs to not look like they are being lazy, has been trained since a young age to look busy ~ busy doesn’t always mean productive ~ all that seemed to do was make us addicted to producing stress hormones.

I have REALLY noticed over the last few years how in sync my body WANTS to be with the seasons. Winter especially, I think that is why I have always resisted it, I do not love to shut down and hibernate, I fight it. This winter has been weirder than normal. There hasn’t been much snow and the temps have been pretty mild. The days it’s 40 or 50 degrees it’s like Spring has arrived and the energy lifts, teasing us. This weekend it is cold, snowy, and gray again. And so, here I sit this morning, tired. I am not into fighting it any longer. I am into lingering and playing in the energy I am presented with; this is a constant experiment, as when I am really present the energy can shift with one gust of wind, sweeping the clouds away, a breath, a thought, a new energy colliding with yours.

I feel another big shift arriving, it’s happening for everyone in different ways. You can feel it too, if you tune into it. When these big shifts come upon us our tendency is to tense up, remember here, that tension = resistance. There is nothing wrong with resistance, it just indicates change is on the horizon.

Maybe, you are resisting your big shift? Maybe, like me, you are working on noticing and releasing resistance to inevitable change and wanting to be more in a flow or dance with life? If you are indeed working on this enormous task, remember that tension of any kind is resistance. So, the easy answer is to relax ~ LOL ~ how many times have you had someone tell you to “just relax” and your instant response is to hold yourself back from throat punching them?! Just me?? LOL ~. How about we focus on the muscles in the body where the tension lies, get curious about why it is there, why it is rising to the surface, take a breath, the answer will arrive ~ and not from you figuring it out ~ the muscle, the body will deliver the answer to your brain, if you can quietly wait for it to show up.

I attempted to fight the tired this week for about 10 seconds because I was “supposed to” do all the writing, and research, and reading, and physical training, and organizing, and having fun with friends, and travel, and, and, and…after 10 seconds, I allowed myself the surrender, I skipped all of the things that were not priority. Today might also be one of those days…or maybe the energy will shift after I post? I wonder if we can literally make the most of every moment by surrendering to the moment. There is such an enjoyable sensation that rises in the body with the act of surrender, right after the “ok”, the permission you give yourself to just be.

It is the same but different feeling that rises when you are inspired to move, to do something new, to smile or laugh. Feeling alive in your vessel every moment and not resisting all the inner workings responding to the outer workings or the outer workings resisting all your inner workings, it can really be an adventure moment to moment ~ without even having to leave your “normal” life.

On the other hand, going with the flow might get boring…and maybe you are one that loves the drama of life at times? If you think about the genres, you are into right now, doesn’t matter if it’s television, music, movies, books, study, themes at work, home, etc, are they a reflection of the genres playing in your life? Drama, thriller, suspense, comedy, romance, documentaries, indies, horror, quirky, pop, country, rock n roll, classical, etc etc. And as you reflect, are you happy with the answers?

How involved are you, in co-creating your story? The time for “plot twists” (aka big shifts) is here. Are you a part of the script writing? Or are you fighting the “plot twist”? Either way, there will be a plot twist. Some of us really LOVE the battle. Some of us really LOVE to dance and play. Some of us really LOVE to feel safe in the middle somewhere.

Wherever you are or whatever you decide, I encourage you to go for it, put your whole being into it, be in the moment and play your “part” with gusto and grace.

Hmmm, look at that, the tired has lifted!

Always, with Love & Gratitude,


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