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Question..."What's Love Got To Do With It?"

Inspiration. It acts as an in breath that fans your Inner Fire. What inspires you? What lights you up? What keeps your Inner Fire burning?

Has your Inner Fire gone out? Has a dullness set over your life, your heart, your perspective, your eyes?

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What pops your head up and your ears alert? What puts a skip in your step? What puts a song on your lips? What causes a smile across your face? What ignites joy in your heart? What is it that activates a giggle or deep belly laughter?

What moves you? What invokes a sense of urgency? What stirs deep emotion? What is it that stimulates every cell in your body? What gets your blood flowing? What stops you dead in your tracks? What causes your jaw to drop? What enlivens your eyes wide in awe and wonder?

What is it that initiates a vibration within you? What is it that causes your voice box to say “YES” to something or someone before you can even think about it? What is it that pushes you to speak up or speak out for? What is it that drives you to dive in without your floaties on? What is that something that could possibly propel you to the next awesome thing in your life?

Where does inspiration come from for you? Is your Inner Fire stoked from inside of you by your own breath, or is it like the wind fanning the inner flame from outside of you? Is it both?

What inspires the dawning of a new idea? What molds that idea into form? What gets you excited for newness in your day, your week, your life? What fires you into action? What is it that dawns a realization within you of wanting a different experience? What encourages the “Fool” inside of you to rise up and go on an unusual, for you, journey?

What lifts you like a breath of fresh air? What is it that rouses your inner youthfulness? What is it that lights up your confidence? What is it that causes you to feel like you can do anything? What is it that shakes up the world as you know it? What is that thing that could whisk you away in a moment? What is it that shifts you into a state of playfulness?

What is the thing that energizes belief in magic? What is it that breathes life into miracles? Where does the sage wisdom within originate? Why would we all agree to take part in this mystery? What is it we have forgotten?

I have a simple answer to every question asked above. It’s LOVE. The essence of LOVE in all of its forms.

It appears to be difficult to give and receive love. I get it. When the fire is out, it seems impossible. It looks like we may have forgotten how. We haven’t. It’s in our DNA. It can be reactivated, remembered, ignited, sparked, lit up, set ablaze.

Ask. Ask for what has been forgotten to be remembered. Ask for what is hidden in the shadows to reveal itself. Ask to be reinvigorated again. Ask for new eyes. Ask for new ears. Ask for new hands. Ask for new feet. Ask for a renewal of mind. Ask for a re-firing of your heart. Ask. And when it shows up for you, do not separate from it, or deny it, or reject it, or hide from it, or feel guilty about it, or run from it any longer. It will not chase you. You have forgotten it has always been with you. It never left. The reflections, the flickers, the sparks, the reminders given to you that you see outside of you are meant to fan your Inner Flame, to wake up that sleeping essence within you. They are this sort of DeJa'Vu that is attempting to set fire to your DNA.

Be both giver and receiver of inspiration in life. Be both giver and receiver of LOVE. You cannot give what you have not yet received in full for yourself.


If you have forgotten how to receive, I remind you now in five simple steps.






You must use discernment for you. If you are not inspired, you are missing out on the essence of LOVE. LOVE is LIFE. What is not love is death. There is no in between. You are able to resuscitate yourself anytime you choose.

To inspire is to breathe. Breathe LOVE into your LIFE.

Allow the breath to stoke what is smoldering. Notice the sparks turn into a flame, and notice the flame build to a wildfire, and notice the wildfire alchemize all the debris into a golden path lined with magic, miracles, and manifestations.

You said “Yes” when you agreed to play your part in the mystery. You were wired for “Yes”. Say “Yes”. You have forgotten that “no” is for death, to only be used for those things that no longer bring you life.

Yes, is life giving. Give life. Yes, is LOVE. Say, YES.

Today, signing off with heart ablaze, setting wildfires, creating magic, witnessing miracles, and anticipating the manifestations my Soul desires.

Always with Love & Gratitude,


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“Breath LOVE into your life “ — Beautiful!

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Ditto ❤️

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