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Obsessed, DNA, & Saying Yes!

I LOVE learning new things. I am absolutely fascinated with learning. AND this week I am learning new things about learning! I have been totally and shamelessly "nerding out". Have you ever run into a subject, person, or environment that seems to wake something up lying dormant inside of you? And then become totally.... obsessed?


This is what happened when I learned about EMDR Therapy. I couldn’t get enough, I HAD to learn absolutely everything about it AND then put everything I learned into practice. I had the privilege of doing just that. I will eventually take EMDR Therapy up one more notch.

Wait for it.

In the meantime, …

As you may recall, I am a person who is wired to go deep, I search the depths of myself and others, there is where I find the answers and best experience my true self. Others are wired to look outside of themselves for their experiential learning, watching others outside of them helps them experience themselves. And there are some in the middle that need a little of both.

Are you an inside out person or an outside in person or a little of both?

The one thing I know about all the learning I do…is that I must do something with it. It truly is useless unless I put it into practice. I realize there are times when I am speaking another language and I know I must make the information I am sharing practical. Translation has been a bit bumpy over the years, an issue I am totally, consciously working on. Whether you are “like” me or not, it probably behooves you to know you and how you operate. AND know that others are different even though you may share similarities.

My quest is always to go deeper. Now, you think the depths of where you can take EMDR Therapy would be enough for me to learn about myself and others because you truly can take EMDR Therapy into healing intergenerational patterns, past lives, DNA; the transformational work with a properly trained therapist as your guide, will take you on a journey of re-inventing or at least innovating yourself, if you go all the way through. The therapist that is willing to go there, will also inform you ahead of time, of what this will do to your current life; ethical informed consent is important, you will not be the same person, and when you change, so will your outside circumstances and your relationships. This work is not for the faint of heart.

I can sense people rolling their eyes…like yeah, enough already Cheryl! You know that only motivates me more! LOL.

Moving along.

The name of my business is “Souls Untethered”. I named the previous office suite I was in the “Center for Healing & SELF-Transformation”. Sometimes I don’t even realize what I am doing or where I am going with things until years later. No, it’s more of a realization that what I am doing or where I am going has many significant underlying layers I had not yet seen or known were there.

I am currently tapping into the depths of soul; I almost imagine it as my own internal natural resource…no different really than people mining for coal, minerals, drilling for oil, etc. As I am wired to go internally for the answers, I suppose, eventually I would get to the point of fully tapping into the Soul…what do I know? There are probably layers under the layers. Souls Untethered, at surface level is a space you come to free your soul from the prison or dungeon life’s trauma and turmoil ends up locking it up in ~ that is, if you stick with the healing process long enough to get there. For some the work is too disruptive because ultimately the therapy changes your life really quickly and it will cause disruption. Because of that, people stop after they clear only a small portion of their "yuck". It’s a big ask. I get it. I learned that my Soul wanted true freedom. Freedom is defined and looks different for everyone. My Soul wanted and continues to want the freedom to be herself without definition but within boundaries and the cool thing is that the boundaries are not another prison, they are lines that I can draw. And I have full permission to change those lines if they no longer serve me. I love this freedom so much that I want to share how to get there with all of you! And I understand that level of freedom scares the hell out of some.

I digress.

I want to go back to learning! Now, for those of you who are repelled by the traditional type of studying I am going to say, me too! I had to find my own ways that worked for me and my ADHD brain. Do not try to fit yourself into a box you do not belong in, you will hate the results every time. There is nothing wrong with the way you learn…it might be the box or the type of "classroom" you are trying to fit yourself into is just, not a good fit or not the right way for you. And please!, STOP “shoulding” yourself. If you are "shoulding" yourself it’s not FOR you. Timing could also be the hiccup, just wait and see, you will innately know if something is right for you and when.

It is so interesting to me when the energy aligns and then just seemingly, “all of a sudden”, you are diving into the deep end of something you have been putting off. My “timing” is a skill that I am still learning to master…good lord, it has been a challenge for me. So here I am this week energized about a topic I put on the back burner and now am ready to integrate into my world and instigate a stirring within you.

One of my qualities is that I am designed or wired to notice and VALUE differences or contrast in everything and everyone. The other polarity is of course people who are designed or wired to notice and VALUE similarities. Which of these do you resonate with? Or are you somewhere in the middle?

Because I am wired to notice and value contrast, I want to know everything that is different about you, lol, which is why the “interrogation” starts - I am so damn curious - the differences FASCINATE me! Through my eyes, your differences are so valuable to the world! Even if you are a person wired for noticing and valuing similarities, I notice the value it brings to connecting with others! My daughter appears to be a person wired for similarities being raised by a mother who is wired for contrast! It makes me laugh reflecting on and now understanding the resistance it has caused. The benefit of knowing how you and others around you are wired can help bring harmony into your life!!

I now understand, let’s say specifically, to connect and build my relationship with her I must do so on a level where we have something in common like music, crushing on boys, what she is studying, watching etc, my teenage part really enjoys coming to the surface and hanging out with her! I already knew this and practice it often. What I really didn't get is why the conversation would completely die and connection would be lost if I changed the subject or asked curious questions. Now I do. I also understand that pushing her to own and show off her “differences” in the world is not helpful to her, until they are, and that more than likely, will not be until she finds the right people or environments that bring those differences to the surface as similarities. And I understand that curious questions do not come easily to someone who is wired for seeking similarity. And that is OK! All in good time, it is designed perfectly for all of us.

After sharing and having a really awesome conversation with her about our differences and hearing what it means to be wired to the opposite end of the polarity, we now, both understand each other at a new level; that understanding has the beautiful by-product of respect. We don’t need to change each other to live in harmony. We only need to understand and respect.

This is not the only comparative. There are so many to consider. Did you know that your Soul has a Blueprint? It does. Did you know that your Soul also has a Manifestation Blueprint? It does. Did you know that knowing your Soul’s Blueprints can help you understand how you are designed and wired at your core? It can.

We have been raised in a time that if something breaks down, we take it to a repair person of some sort, a mechanic, a doctor, a therapist, etc. Did we check the owner’s manual first?? More than likely not. I have been totally guilty of this; I just wanted it fixed and I wanted someone else to do the work. LOL, and then I am upset when it is a simple enough fix that I could have saved some money had I only checked the owner's manual or gone to YouTube University to find the answer! We each have a unique owner's manual. In fact, there are many layers to it. You have the power to bring your life into harmony if you know your own operating system. Don’t get me wrong. There is still a need in the world for people in the repair businesses, yes, I am still one of them! Honestly, my wish is to put myself out of “work” one day ~ I want people to know how to unlock and utilize the wisdom inside of them and take their power back. I want them to know they can become the fisherman instead of depending on others to catch their fish, if they want that power.

I could write a whole book or course on this myself and maybe will one day but this is a blog so I am keeping it short for now. One other thing I want to bring up this time before I sign off this week is what I have come to realize that I am learning about learning.

Learning is an awakening of something that was already lying asleep, in wait, or dormant inside of you. When people speak of something “resonating” or feeling a “truth hit” or getting “truth bumps” (goosebumps) when they hear something new or in a different way, it's like your dimmer switch was turned up, a light turned on. Our DNA is encoded. When something or someone resonates with your code and you feel the hit, it is the signal something encoded in your DNA has woken. That is why it feels like truth to you. This can be dysregulating and confusing at times because it may challenge your beliefs and way of living. I could be wrong but once it is awake…I am not sure there is a healthy way to put it back to sleep. These activations and awakenings in your DNA do not only happen with new material learned. They can also happen by someone else who shares the code in their DNA just walking into the room. You felt it, but you maybe had no clue what you felt or why.

If we look at these “activations” as the polarity of what we commonly call a “trigger” we would more than likely associate activations as a positive feeling in the body and a trigger as a negative feeling in the body. Regardless, both are bringing something to the surface. The trigger to be healed. The activation to strengthen a new gift. They both might freak you out in different ways. The best way to approach either is to: Allow. Accept. Embrace. No different than inner “parts” work.

Allow the body sensation.

Accept the emotion that arises from the body sensation.

Embrace the healing or the gift.

This is not a sales pitch and never want these blogs to become as such. I only want you to know that if you are indeed interested in discovering different layers of your owner's manual I am certainly willing to guide you. I have added a few new services on my website for this opportunity.

On a final note. My daughter and I watched the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carey this week. It inspired me to double dog dare her into a tiny but huge challenge over the next few weeks. We agreed to say “yes” to each opportunity that may cross our path at least until February 22nd, the day of her 16th birthday. The energy of “yes” is super powerful to open up new doors for powerful change in our lives. I will embrace this harmony between us as long as I am able! I invite you into the double dog dare of “yes” this week! I would love to hear your results! I am certain the differences will fascinate me!!

Always with Love & Gratitude,


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