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Living On the Edge & Getting Away with It... Day #2

Day #2


Lingering in the essence and experience of something, someone, or someplace…is intoxicating if you are exquisitely tapped in and turned on to whatever it may be. This is my absolute favorite self-love practice.

This morning as I was waking, I lingered in that space that hangs between sleep and waking. The space where you are just re-entering your body from the astral but not quite fully, it is delightful. It ignites a tingling sensation just under the skin, maybe you feel yourself take a slow deep breath, and move your foot or hand to a cooler part of the bed sheets and notice how nice that feels. It’s a moment of presence ~ right before the mind takes over and pulls you away ~ I love lingering there, it is so good. Intoxicating.

Music, a song I have heard before, it wasn’t necessarily the words that caught my attention but the vibration and essence of his voice, in perfect harmony with the music. Lingering in the essence of music, allowing your cells to embody the vibration and move you the way it wants to move you…so, so good. Intoxicating.

Coffee. One delectable sip. Warmth, comfort, depth, rich, bold, earthy, essence…lingering in that first delectable sip…so, so, so good. Intoxicating.

Clothing. Just the right fabric lingering on your skin in the right way can instantly make you feel sensual, soft, sassy, confident…. gorgeous…so, so, so, so good. Intoxicating.

When I really allow myself to linger and experience the full essence of all the things, a hug, a touch of a hand, laughter, a smile, the sky, the sun on my skin, the taste of a cool crisp morning breath when you walk outside, the salt of your skin when you sweat, the power of something moving you…OMG, I still remember the first time one of my friends took me for a ride on his Harley…it still gives me a rush when I bring it to mind and really sit with it allowing it to linger…I could sit here all day and name billions of ways…anyway, when I really allow the essence to enter and linger in my cells an intoxication takes over…its Divine.

How do you know when you are intoxicated? What are the symptoms? Your cells are lit up, you notice a sensual flow moving softly through you, your senses - taste, touch, sight, hearing, smell are heightened, there is a slowing down of time, a wanting of “more” takes over, like you never want the moment to end…the lips want to fully take in, they want to curve upwards. The biggest clue ~ it’s in the eyes ~ there is a glimmer, a light, it has risen from the cells and hit the eyes ~ they want to pull others in to join in the intoxicated state…because it is so, so, so, so, so good…they must share ~ there is overflow. MMM…SO GOOD!

We can choose what we become intoxicated by. It can be all the “naughty” or “taboo” sorts of intoxication, or it can be super simple every moment in everyday things that you would never have thought could intoxicate you…when you want it, it is always there for you. There are times I love the intoxication of the things that enrich my being…and there are other times I enjoy indulging in the “naughty” and “taboo” sorts of things that intoxicate us. We are here to experience all of it. We are here to discover what we want and don’t want.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I have a history of struggling with commitment. Today, I wish to clarify. I am committed to my path. I am committed to learning, growing, evolving, which results in a lot of changes, which then can look like commitment issues. I have had partners and friends in the past who didn’t sign up for the whole evolving thing, I didn’t realize at the time that I couldn’t take them with me, so there would be this push and pull thing not wanting to lose them, them wanting me to stay or be the version of myself I had outgrown, ultimately compromising me. So, I would run, fight, become self-righteous…all the intense responses that also have a different type of intoxication about them.

Today I know how important freedom is to my soul, how important my alone time is, and how important interdependent, good, trustworthy, transparent, honest, loyal, intimate, strong, soulful, relationships that reflect those qualities back to you are. Those are the types of relationships that grant you the freedom to be wildly yourself and you grant that same wild freedom for them to be themselves. We all can dance that wild dance freely when we can let go of the masks and the should and at the same time dance with them on if that is what we need to do that day! The essence of the mask and the essence of no mask can both be enjoyable if you allow yourself to linger in an intoxicating moment…then you decide which you like best! Those partners and friends, rare that they may be, that allow you that space are keepers! They want for you what you want for you. And when you linger in the wildly free to be me/you space…whew…prepare to be swept away by the intoxication. So, so, so, so, so, so good. Intoxicating.

What does any of this have to do with self-love? Ha! ~ Give it a try, you will soon completely understand. Lingering is a deep embodiment type of receiving that leads to a feeling of intoxication, it feels like Divine Love...loving yourself will feel like the easiest thing in the world to do.

Today, I am going to linger in the space of Divine intoxication. Are you joining? Or watching from the sidelines?

Here’s to those living on the edge and getting away with it.



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