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EMDR Early Intervention - GTEP - Open

ADULT Recent Traumatic Event

  • $55 per person
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

A unique, innovative, healing group experience. These sessions are intended for those seeking relief from negative symptoms after a recent disturbing or traumatic event or loss. 1st Responders & military welcome! Recent is relative and so is "trauma". If it is bothering you, you are triggered often, whether it happened yesterday or 3 years ago, this may be the group for you. This can serve as an adjunct to traditional individual therapy, while waiting to get in to see a therapist, or after completing individual therapy for maintenance. This virtual group experience will hold space for fostering connection, reducing isolation, stabilization, prevention, symptom reduction, and community empowerment. The group format does NOT require you to disclose ANY traumatic material to the group or the therapist reducing shame, legal issues, retribution, and stigma. Group members have the freedom to choose how often they attend, some may only need one session, others may find that they need several sessions before complete symptom reduction especially if the traumatic material is ongoing, such as a loved one struggling with a health issue or a profession where you are constantly witnessing new traumatic events. Brief pre-assessments will be given to determine fitness for the group experience. No diagnosis will be given. Third party payors not accepted. Sessions are paid for when booking; no refunds for missed groups. Participants joining the virtual group must be logged in with camera on no later than 3 minutes after start time, no exceptions as this would be disruptive to group processing. Must be a resident of North Dakota. Use Contact Form below to inquire about scheduling.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Book G-TEP sessions for your group directly with Cheryl via Contact Form at the bottom of the page. G-TEP sessions may be rescheduled up to 24 hours prior to scheduled session. Contracts available upon request.

Contact Details


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