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MIRRORS By Cheryl Levadney & TEAM


I recently purchased and finally am finishing up the tedious task of decorating different parts of my home with mirrors. Not the mirrors with a frame but decal mirrors…the ones with stickers and staticky, clingy ass film you must peel off…why do I do this to myself?

Committing where to put these cheap pieces of “art” took a long time for me…then the few I had committed to, started falling off the walls, one at a time…I think this is one of the reasons I continue to have commitment issues…(more on this in a future blog). I would not let this detour me this time, I don’t like things “unfinished”. I bought stickier tape and asked my guides where they were actually supposed to be in the house, I always end up forgetting to ask for their feedback and then end up back tracking…a lesson I seem to take for granted and then need a CE course in, again.

As I am hanging up the pieces of mirror to this next “masterpiece”, I am pondering, “why mirrors, why now, why cheap decaled mirrors, why did I need this/another project to distract me, to irritate my disdain yet again for tedious detailed activities taking way more time that I don’t necessarily have or than I ever anticipate?”

My guides come back immediately with the words “it’s about the reflection of the light.”

Well, shit.

I then see my friend’s face, (I won’t tell you her name, however, will tell you it starts with a J and may sound similar to Benny or Bennifer… 😊! I also won’t reveal her last name, however, can share, it may rhyme with a professional football team…such as the “Bills” …) and I hear the words I spoke to her less than 48 hours prior.

We were in deep beautiful discussion about catalysts and mirrors…how others on our path can say just a few words that push you to make a decision you might have otherwise been hesitant to make and we may not know the impact of the words until years later, if ever…how the words we speak to others are also meant for us…sometimes more often for us than the other…just some of the “nuggets” of genius running through us that evening. The words that hit me this morning as I finish up my second sun decaled mirror are, “…remember, others are a mirror, the things we see in others, we can only see because there is a reflection of ourselves.”

You see, in our line of work we usually remind our clients, if we remember, that others will trigger us in a negative way through behavior, words, attitudes, or the like because, it is a catalyst for our own healing. As, there is something similar within us that is rising to the surface needing to be released. If this is true, then the polar opposite must also be true. The great, amazing, good, and awesome things we see in others is also a reflection of what we carry within. A reflection of the light.

When I was speaking those words to “Benny Bills” I was expressing the love and warmth I have for her, speaking to the greatness I see and feel in her as she was speaking so highly of me…LOL…I truly meant the message to convey what I see and feel radiating from “Benny Bills” every moment I am in her presence and yet, as I am typing this message I realize I too was probably deflecting a little, maybe not fully receiving the cool things she was saying about me.

If we dismiss or deflect a nice word, compliment, praise, gratitude, love, etc. we reject our greatness. If we are indeed mirrors, are we not then dismissing or rejecting those qualities in the one sending the message? If this is true…I apologize to anyone and everyone in which I rejected or did not accept your words of love, compliments, and gratitude for me.

Thank you, “Benny Bills”, I am sorry it took me almost 48 hours to figure it out this time! Another lesson I have not fully mastered or sometimes take for granted and need another CE course in…receiving, allowing love, accepting a compliment…you know…all the things. I suppose if I look at the timing of all this, I can say these conversations and realizations are a part of the masterpiece. Late last night, early this morning was the Full Blood Moon and a Full Lunar Eclipse. I don’t know FULLY what it means yet…when I do, I will be sure to do a follow up piece on this.

I suppose these mirrors are my current CE course. I hope I learn the lesson soon…it should “Stick” …get it? LOL! I have one and a quarter mirror projects to complete…for now…who knows…I change my mind a lot! The quarter…I ran out of a particular shape before the project was complete…it will be done as soon as I get them in the mail this week. The other one…is huge. Ugh, why do I do this to myself?... It will be a masterpiece. And I will love it. And it will stay here, all of them. I hope whoever purchases this house when I am ready to leave appreciates the reflections, the light, the shadows, the love, the masterpiece that is reflected back at them when they look in those mirrors. I hope I learn years later the impact the reflection of light off these mirrors have had on others. Just as I deeply desire every interaction I have with others, reflects the same message…a reflection of the light.

Until next time…

With Love and Gratitude,

C & The TEAM

P.S. This blog is dedicated to my dear friend Jenny Hills. I hope you know the place you hold in my heart. I am excited for our next interaction always. Love you!

Cheryl :)

Jenny Hills aka Benny Bills :)

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