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"Accidents", Rings, & Boomerangs

I woke up with a song in my head this AM I swear I have not heard or even thought of since I saw the movie Shrek 2 sometime in early 2000’s. Before we officially get started today, it is important you pause here, go to your favorite music platform or use the link I provided and listen to the song “Accidentally In Love” by the Counting Crows. I am told it is important to all be in the same vibration to fully absorb the content provided here today. Take it or leave it…if anything, it is just a fun diddy to get your day started ;).

Now that is done...I figured, since it is New Year’s Eve today I would be contemplating the ups and downs of 2023 and sharing my outlook on 2024.


Instead, we are contemplating “accidents” or really the idea of “accidentally”. When you reflect on the “biggies”, the moments of your life thus far, that stick out to you the most, did they happen on purpose? Or, as Bob Ross would put it, did they happen, due to “happy accidents”?

There is a part of a memory, I have from childhood, I say part, because I was young, and I don’t really remember why we were doing it, I do remember, it was one of the few memories I have where my mother was authentically happy with me…not because I “did” anything for her…it just happened. I am not even sure how old I was at the time, I am guessing prior to kindergarten age. I was “helping” her go through a drawer of cookie cutters…maybe it was right before Christmas, because she used them to make sugar cookies for the holidays. Anyway, I was handing them to her…probably because the drawer was open at the perfect height for me. I would hand them to her one at a time, saying “ring, ring, ring, ring” with each one. Mindlessly, because what did I know, I hand her a small one and say “ring”. It was her wedding ring. She apparently had lost it. A happy accident, I didn’t do anything except be myself handing her “rings”, she was for a moment in time authentically happy and I happened to be the one that was able to receive it.

Looking in the rear-view mirror at the rest of my life, the “biggies” were all “accidental” and those “accidents” usually moved my path in a new direction or at least caused me to take a look at something with new eyes…or a new perspective.

As I am trying to decide if I should give you another example here, another song just popped in my head, also one I have not remembered hearing in a lot of years, I hardly listen to country anymore, but I am sure most of you know it. Pause and take a listen ~ again, a vibration thing. “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts.

It tugs on my heart strings today, especially by verse 2. After listening, whether you think about another person, your family, your friends, your career, your hobbies, most importantly YOU, everything is connected in an “if” “then” pattern.

Where is your broken road heading?

I am betting on the last line of verse #2 “…you’ve been there, you understand, it’s all part of a grander plan that is comin’ true…”

It has all been accidental. Nothing that has actually worked out for me has been on purpose. I mean, once the “happy accident” manifests, then I can move with purpose within the changes it brings, but I couldn’t have “planned”, nor logically, would have planned any of the things in my life to work out the way they have. My broken road has had so many detours and plot twists…I am guessing because my Soul knows how clever I think I can be. She had to keep me busy and constantly distracted as to not get too far ahead of myself. Or we just had a lot to accomplish while we were here this round.

The broken road and happy accidents have led me on a journey of falling “accidentally in love” with me, with the entirety of this whole crazy journey.

Why stress so much about the outcome…of anything? If you need every detail laid out for you to move forward, when every step doesn’t go as you planned with your “logical” mind, you miss the whole point. In fact, you are more than likely missing your “happy accident” moments or opportunities. You are taking the ride anyway, why not stay present, and enjoy the plot twist? Write the story as you go, it is easier than having to move through the grieving process every time your dreams or your story do not go exactly as you planned.

I have had many new ideas since 2018 of how I wanted to move forward in my career. I have had to let go of every one of them, and this year has really helped me to let go of me, who I think I am, all the “identities” we take on over the years because we were told that is who we were or those we took on because of who we thought we should become. I have let go of all of them. I both know who I am and don't all at the same time. And I am now a-okay with the unknown. The unknown provides me with freedom to recreate myself at any given moment. The truth is, we all just try on a bunch of costumes until we find one that fits and feels good for a while. When we are done wearing it, it is time to go find another one, and then do it again. I have worn out or outgrown all of my old “identities” and costumes. We hold on to them way too long.

Approximately 2 weeks ago while I was writing…p.s. I have started authoring 2 separate books, I received, what I call a “hit”. An “accidental idea” that I am now “accidentally in love” with. This accidental idea brings every past “crazy” idea I already let go of, boomeranged right back to me in a fresh new innovative and dare I say?… FUN way. I mean, I have heard the cliche, “let it go, if it’s meant for you, it will come back to you.” I guess, I never dreamed this would be the way. It’s a good thing I have a sense of humor and the ability to pivot in new directions when called for.

I have a completely new costume I want to try on. I am going to do this one differently, focusing on being instead of needing outcome. Instead of writing the entire story, I will write as I go, I will expect the unexpected. I will watch for the happy accidents and celebrate them. Now that I know how to decide what is for me, what is not for me, and what is a "not yet", I can and will give myself full permission to trust all of it, what has been, is, and will be, was always the grander plan.

First step, a business name. Who knew the simplest thing can be the most difficult to come up with sometimes?! It’s like deciding what is for dinner some evenings…why is it so hard?? After that, all the things "business" you do to start a new business, I will need to find a way to make those business things "fun", after that...I guess we will see, I suspect I will get to play and co-create ~ my favorite part. I also suspect that every step will be accidental yet full of purpose. I am excited to meet all of the new and maybe not so new faces on this next phase of my crazy journey.

Look at that! I believe we just experienced another happy accident. I did end up accidentally reflecting on 2023 and taking a peek at 2024. Just in a winding way that keeps me guessing ;).

Cheers to you, your broken road, and all of your past, present, and future “accidentally in love” moments!!

Happy New Year!

Always with Love and Gratitude,


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